Wooden pavilions

Raise the status and attractiveness of the object

Alpbau Struktura System

We develop effective and economically feasible solutions for large and complex structures.

Alpbau Struktura designs provide architectural flexibility and maximum functionality
More than 100 designs for your tasks.
We are able to build custom designs.
We design and build

multifunctional gyms and arenas
Athletic facilities
tennis courts
indoor stands for flat stadiums
ice arenas and ice rinks
bike tracks
horse riding arenas
Public buildings
movie theaters and concert crowded markets and freestanding shops

hangars for aircraft and boats
roofing solutions
roofing and facade solutions for shopping and entertainment and business centers
Сompleted projects
Projects – concepts
The elasticity of wooden structures allows you to build many forms.
Our advantages
Creating strong and lightweight
structures using spherical shapes
is a well-established principle in
Natural form
Alpbau Struktura has a very wide range of applications and allows you to erect structures of any size
Architectural Elasticity
Wood is a durable, environmentally
friendly and renewable building
The effectiveness of modular technology for the collection of structures can significantly save on logistics
Each component of the building system is manufactured in strict compliance with international technological requirements
Strict control
Due to the spatial-mesh structure, the forces are distributed evenly.
In case of fire, glued wooden structures retain their bearing capacity for a long time.
Stop fire
We always conduct ongoing tests of materials
Own laboratory
Compared with similar metal and reinforced concrete structures, our system allows reducing the total mass of the structure by 3-5 times.
A light weight
You can see the portfolio of our unique projects right now
Alpbau is a unique combination of modern architecture, comfort, environmental friendliness of materials and quality for many years
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