Wooden tent
Square sphere

Wooden tent

Our own design. Multifunctional wooden construction made of glued structural beams, metal connectors and tent cover.
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Square sphere
More than 100 designs for your tasks.
We know how to build non-standard constructions.

Square sphere - it's:

Visitors and guests like to be into the construction because of special tree aura and esthetics.
Maximum use of effective area in small space.
Combine modules into a single complex of any area. Free layout of inlets and outlets.
Easy to unite
Construction installation takes from 5 to 10 hours.
Large number of exterior and interior finishing: from light and durable PVC to high-tech double-glazing.
The longest detail is 3 meters. Basic set with tent will fit any truck.
Conveniently to transport
Constructions refer to "temporary buildings and structures" and do not require agreement with town planning authorities.
Without record
Materials are thoroughly tested. Quality and strength of individual components and junctions is controlled by a variety of tests.
Own engineering
We are with you in each phase: measurements, calculations, delivery, installation and maintenance.
No stress
Metal connector

Main junction element

Коннектор Alpbau деревянного шатра
Клеенная конструкционная балка сечением 90х240 мм. Толщина ламели 30 мм, меламиновый клей AkzoNobel
Стальная втулка 32х320 мм вклеенная в торец клеенной балки
Стальной коннектор из высокопрочной стали толщиной 8 мм
  • Patented junction unite wooden beams by connectors made on high-precision equipment.
  • Steel rods which are pasted in the ends of beams are 32х320 mm.
  • Unique three-components glue with with plasticizer which is compensating moisture and temperature expansion between wood and metal.
  • Construction counts with high wind and snow loads.
Basic set

Structure of Square sphere

Glued structural beams 90x240 with bushes pasted into it
Steel connectors (powder coloring/ hot zinc)
Set of timbering
Сolour to choose
Installation instruction
Construction coating

Additional options

Architectural PVC fabric (colour to choose)
Transparent or opaque PVC film
Structural glazing
Stellar sky
Lighting set with hidden wiring
Lighting with LED strip light
Thermo treated wood
Composite material
Deck pine

Core value of Square sphere

People like spend time in our constructions
Cosiness and comfort
2 Alpbau Struktura constructions decorated the reoof of Museum of Modern Art "Garage" (Moscow) during celebration of museum's decade. Constructions were used as a recreation area for visitors.
Wooden and soft furniture and carpets added atmosphere to event. DJ was located in the same construction.

Construction is situated on the roof of "Central Children's Store on Lubyanka" in the centre of Moscow. Near construction there is a kitchen and barbeque grill. Construction is used as a place for corporate meetings and negotiations.
6 Alpbau constructions were on the Red Square at the Book Festival. The most important festival events were held in the constructions: interviews, poetry reading, writers' speeches, lectures.

Finished projects

Verandas for cafe and restaurants
Exhibition and commercial pavilions
Recreational areas
Did not find a suitable construction?
Write, we know how to build non-standard ones!
Did not find a suitable construction?
Write, we know how to build non-standard ones!

Questions and answers

How is the quality control passed?
All constructions have a pasport and project documentation with calculation of loads in SCAD program. We test wooden, metal and adhesive materials for durability. Most of components and junctions are tested under loads in the laboratory.
How junction are fastened?
We invent our own technology of connecting the beam with the help of high-precision metal connectors and steel bushes which are pasted into the ends of the beam. This is very reliable and rigid junction that allows repeatedly assemble and disassemble construction without reliability damage.
Can I build it by myself?
We provide detailed instructions and wiring diagrams. All parts are marked and not interchangeable. If you have certified installers we'll help them to assemble the construction.
How can I use the construction?
In the section with finished projects there are different options: a gazebo for the rest or a canopy over the swimming pool, tent over a sports or kids playground, a summer cafe or a scene in the park, a banqueting pavilion or canopy over the parking lot.
Can I use it in winter?
All constructions are designed for snow (4th zone) and wind load (3d area). In winter they are completely closed and have heating systems inside. Write us how you plan to use the construction and we will choose the options with minimal costs for heating and ventilation.
What to use to cover the dome?
Depending on the budget, status of the facility and operating mode, the dome is covered with architectural fabric, glass, plastic or traditional roofing materials.
How long will the construction last?
The warranty is valid for 5 years, if all operating requierements are complied and regular checkup is carried out. On the average the construction will last for 10-15 years.
Other products of Alpbau
About us
Company Alpbau has been designing and building wooden constructions in accordance with Austrian technology since 2012. Our clients profitably invest in the future and business.

We work for private persons and entrepreneurs. The first ones we help realize an ideal image on their site, and the second ones we help to attract customers and provide them with a sufficient level of comfort.
With us it's comfortable. Always.
Technology and manufacture
Alpbau brings the idea of innovative construction.
For this the company patented the technology of joining glued structural beams with metal connectors.

We make construction materials in three factories with an automatic conveyor line. Before implementing it we test new technology in the laboratory.
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